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Meijer Corporate Offices

The renovation of the Frederik Meijer Building created a cohesive property that connects people and departments. The design enhanced the building environment by adding natural light above centrally located stairs that provide easy, vertical movement between floors and departments. Neighboring connection zones promote collaboration and teamwork as they support small and large groups gathering for quick meetings or in-depth, long-term projects. The renovated café and an addition of an outdoor patio offer a variety of dining options that double as open workstations. The building’s brick exterior, in good condition, required little attention beyond the creation of new canopies that visually connect it to the larger, redeveloped campus. 

Cafe and Dining

The renovation included a corporate café which serves 1,200 people, includes a 4,400 square foot main kitchen supporting a 4,400 square foot servery with three different food venues. Seating in the dining area is 3,700 square feet which can seat up to 300 individuals. A 600 square foot private dining area supports group lunch meetings and other programmed events.

Meijer wanted to develop a café which provided different food offerings that could be interchanged at different times of the year and be incrementally controlled for a reduced population during off-hours. The u-shaped servery offers good visibility from the entry point to the various stations which helps facilitate employee use and flow to the venues and to the points of sale, eliminating backtracking congestion. The full service kitchen not only supports the café servery but also provides refreshments for an adjacent event space. A variety of seating types from soft seating, countertop, hi-top, booth, banquet and tables provides many options to staff and employees to suit individual taste.

Walker, Michigan
222,000 Square Feet