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Integrated Architecture Corporate HQ

Integrated Architecture (IA) took on a unique relocation challenge moving its corporate office downtown and completely renovating a 97-year-old printing plant that had been vacant for ten years. The refresh blends modern finishes with existing elements like an exposed wood roof structure, industrial steel windows, and brick masonry walls used to establish spaces. The workspace is predominantly open and highly flexible, flanked by enclosed private offices and conference spaces.  Employee amenities such as a fitness area and work cafe promote holistic health and personal balance. A red plaster ceiling captures visitors, extending from the vestibule to the interior reception, reinforcing IA’s brand. Design touches associated with a relatable home environment, particularly in breakout and collaborative areas, enhance the space and offer various modes and postures to users. Technology-focused and untethered collaboration is common throughout, allowing project teams to communicate using multiple digital tools successfully.

Grand Rapids, Michigan
13,500 Square Feet