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Peckham Phoenix Office and Call Center

Peckham Inc.’s Phoenix-based call center relocates its operations to an expanded space, providing greater flexibility and scalability. Integrated Architecture with the Peckham Team designed a new 88,313 square foot space in north Phoenix, allowing the organization to expand its operations and offer better facilities and amenities for its clients and employees. This relocation is a strategic move to enhance its service delivery, improve accessibility features, and provide a more supportive work environment with updated technology.

The vibrant space is designed with universal design principles, demonstrating both inclusivity and creativity. Every corner is thoughtfully crafted to accommodate people of all abilities, with wide pathways, intuitive wayfinding, and adjustable features seamlessly integrated into the design. Comfortable seating areas promote community and engagement, while interactive elements stimulate the senses and foster connection. Natural light floods the space through large windows, enhancing the vibrant palette and creating a welcoming atmosphere. This space is a celebration of color and form and a testament to the power of inclusive design, where everyone feels embraced and inspired, regardless of their background or abilities.

Peckham Phoenix Animation Walkthrough


Phoenix, Arizonia
88,313 Square Feet
In Construction