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ADAC Automotive

The ADAC Automotive corporate campus represented the consolidation of four different facilities into two closely linked buildings. The company’s vision was to create a workplace environment that fosters health & wellness, creativity, innovation, and outdoor opportunities. The building’s design and organization optimizes flexibility, efficiency, and bold simplicity. Core building components recede and allow for open workspace and collaboration nodes. The expansive and transparent office areas open up to views of the natural site. Interior amenities include a new work café, coffee bars, fitness gym, and various sized, furnished collaborative spaces.

Client Endorsement:

“The new ADAC Corporate Campus has yielded transformative results for our company’s culture. Our workplace has ensured that our people have the environment they need to think creatively, drive innovation and open doors to new opportunities.”   

Jim Teets, President & CEO

Grand Rapids, Michigan
52,000 Square Feet
AIA Grand Rapids 2020 Building Honor Award