Whirlpool Benton Harbor Tech Center

From shipyards constructed in 1915 for the Dachel-Carter Boat Company to a shuttered manufacturing facility simply named “Plant 7,” the barrel roofs at 151 Riverview Drive in Benton Harbor have endured. Today, their warmth and natural beauty is celebrated in Whirlpool’s state-of-the-art office/refrigeration laboratory. The rebirth, from dark storage facility into modern tech center, parallels the region’s resiliency. The facility employees the “bones” of the original building even restoring the exterior sign, transplanting it inside to become contemporary art that anchors the vibrant corporate interior. Creating space that would be filled with natural light, clean air and space for the human spirit was a given. But it wasn’t easy. The building was torn down to the existing frame; a new insulated metal skin and high performance thermal glazing (with solar shading & day light controls) replaced the non-insulated metal enclosure. The resulting environment includes stand-up meeting space for quick conversations, 32 huddle rooms for small group work and 15 conference rooms for team meetings. Phase 1 of the two-phase project focused on the creation of laboratories, testing facilities, building utilities, infrastructure, and exterior improvements. Phase II included engineering offices, the visitor lobby, and the balance of exterior improvements.

840 Ottawa Avenue NW | Grand Rapids, MI 49503 | 1.800.698.9493 Toll Free