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Spotlight on Preservation

Preservation is a valuable tool for the stewardship of history, culture, and community. At IA, we have been part of many preservation and adaptive reuse projects helping communities preserve their past and create sustainable, vibrant futures. We envision how spaces can be reactivated by adding modern touches or design elements inspired by the past. Understanding how we could preserve the integrity of the original architecture while incorporating modern updates and conveniences is key to our successful, historically significant projects. We bring our talent, passion, expertise, and an understanding of regional conditions to each project we undertake—whether it's part of urban renewal or a rural conservation initiative. Our firm assists clients in documenting property conditions, creating plans for sustainable development, and helping to navigate their local Historic Preservation Commission's review and approval process, including the community/neighborhood engagement components associated with each project. The balance between modern and historical architecture is not always an easy one. However, the finished product can be both modern and beautiful while also honoring the past.

Projects spotlighted above include The Morton, The Milton, Freyling Mendels, The Rowe, Cornerstone Church - Heritage Hill, and Marywood Campus Motherhouse.

Considering a adaptive reuse or preservation project? Contact our design team to learn more about our services!