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Cascade Hills Country Club Family Activity Center

The new Family Activity Center will open this summer, offering expanded amenities to Cascade Hills Country Club members.

Cascade Hills Country Club (CHCC) has offered Grand Rapids, Michigan, a premiere private club experience since 1921 with golf, dining, aquatics, tennis & pickleball facilities, a fitness center, and 4 miles of outdoor trails for walking, running, and biking. With its rich traditions and focus on its members and families, Integrated Architecture has proudly worked with CHCC on several projects, including the new Family Activity Center opening in the summer of 2024. The Family Activity Center at CHCC isn't just another club amenity; it's a new multi-seasonal and vibrant social space that caters to all its member's ages and interests.

Multi-Seasonal Hub

The Family Activity Center is designed to accommodate various activities and gatherings throughout the year. The project encompasses revitalizing and expanding the existing pool building to include a new kitchen, bar, indoor/outdoor dining spaces, new and renovated locker and bathroom spaces, a children's game space, platform tennis, and firepits. The new space elevates the club's dining options by featuring expanded concessions and a full kitchen. Designed to foster a relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere, the Center offers indoor and outdoor dining experiences. Members will have the opportunity to unwind in lounge-style seating areas, complete with fire pits, further enhancing the social ambiance of the space. The new kitchen and bar facilities will offer a wide range of food and drink options, ensuring something for everyone's taste.

Drawing inspiration from its surroundings, the interiors of the Family Activity Center will exude a light, fresh, and casual vibe. This aesthetic choice aims to infuse the spaces with a sense of fun and relaxation, aligning perfectly with the leisurely atmosphere of the pool and sports court settings. These new areas will offer members a vibrant atmosphere to socialize and enjoy meals while providing enhanced convenience with new locker and bathroom facilities that are fully conditioned and easily accessible. During the winter, CHCC members enjoy cross-country skiing, fat tire biking, snowshoeing, sledding, and the newly expanded multi-seasonal indoor and outdoor dining area.

Versatile Design Elements and Amenities

By incorporating versatile design elements and amenities, such as adaptable indoor and outdoor spaces and climate control features, the CHCC's Family Activity Center transforms a pool building into a vibrant, multi-seasonal hub that caters to the diverse preferences of its members year-round. The integration of indoor and outdoor dining spaces allows members to relish the benefits of the pool area during the warmer months while also providing comfortable and sheltered areas for dining and socializing during cooler seasons or inclement weather. The fire pits and lounge seating enhance the ambiance, creating inviting spaces for relaxation and enjoyment regardless of the season.

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