The above photo taken earlier this year of the IA garden illustrates our ongoing connection to the environment. Our commitment to the environment was recently recognized by Architect Magazine’s Top 50 ranking as they included IA in the Sustainability Category. The sustainable ranking is one of three categories that Architect Magazine uses to rate firms and is based on the following measurements:

  • The percentage of gross square footage of a firm’s projects that were LEED certified or designed to LEED standards
  • The percentage that achieved certification in other sustainability programs
  • The percentage that pursued a potable water reduction beyond what was mandated by code or that incorporated energy modeling, with additional credit being given for the percentage for which energy data was collected
  • Participation in the AIA’s 2030 program and percentage of the gross square footage of projects that were designed to 2030 standards
  • Percentage of a firm’s employees with LEED AP credentials
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